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2013 Client Cook-Out


Portsmouth, OH – Personal injury attorney Jeremy Burnside announced today that he will be hosting a cookout to recognize the struggles of his injured clients who have been affected by negligence on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at his office, located at 611 Court Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. The cookout will be catered by the famed Scioto Ribber and is set to begin at 5:30 pm and conclude at 7:30 pm.. The featured speaker is Kody Kennard, the victim of a tragic motorcycle accident that claimed the use of his legs. Kody will discuss not only his experience with the claims process, but how he overcame the serious injuries that have changed his life. Kody will share his story at approximately 6:15 pm..

With regards to the purpose of the annual event, Attorney Burnside said, “Many of my present clients have feelings of hopelessness. They wonder, ‘Will I ever get better?’ ‘When will this nightmare end?’ and ‘How long is this case going to take?’ I am bringing in past clients to share their experiences to provide hope to my current clients.”

Attorney Burnside plans to also update these negligence victims of past and present tort reform measures that have significantly affected victims’ Seventh Amendment rights to a civil jury trial. One measure that has affected many of these victims is the noneconomic damages cap contained in Ohio Revised Code 2315.18. Attorney Burnside said, “A determination as to how much pain and suffering a rape victim should be entitled to, for example, should not be made by a cold statute - - that’s why we have juries.”

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