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Attorney Burnside Wins #1 Lawyer Distinction


When I moved from Cleveland to Portsmouth, Ohio, on my birthday in 2009, I had hoped that I would have opportunities here to help people on a personal level that would be more difficult to do in the big city. I never thought that I would open my own firm, settle several high-dollar cases, try high-level cases including aggravated murder, much less meet my wife, get married, and prepare to have a baby. I was named #1 lawyer in my new home last week and continue to be proud of my firm's efforts in protecting the ravaged civil justice system in this community.

Although I can't help to be proud of my own personal accomplishments, I am overly proud of my clients who have to overcome significant tribulations. Shortly after someone is injured, I enjoy helping them get peace of mind while they treat and try to turn their lives back around. Going for therapy 3-4 times a week, being scanned for over 30 minutes multiple times while enclosed for MRIs, constantly wondering if they will ever be well again . . . enduring this for so long and eventually overcoming their struggles is what motivates me. While my clients fight to get their health and life back after suffering terrible injuries, they inspire me to work that much harder in the fight against the insurance companies who just tell them to walk it off and encourage them to take their low-ball offers.

People who are faced with hopelessness, fear, and depression are many times susceptible to the goals of an insurance adjuster, who many times plug in codes into a computer system to process an amount of money aimed to save the insurance companies money for their incessant commercials and media fight to paint all injured victims as money-hungry malingerers. The resilience my clients show gives me hope that one day soon, they will be treated like people and not hurdles in the way of the insurance industry's multi-billion-dollar profit strategies.

Being voted #1 lawyer in my new home only has meaning when the people I fight for receive justice above insult.

- Jeremy Burnside

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