Look To Your Left Cover

Attorney Burnside Releases "Look to Your Left"

In the new millennium's law school literary answer to Scott Turow's One L and John Osborne's The Paper Chase, Attorney Jeremy Burnside turns it up a notch in his newly-released book of creative non-fiction, Look to Your Left: A True Story of Law School Survival in the Face of Impossibility, Murder and an Appalachian Apocalypse.

Attorney Burnside began writing his own first year law school story while in the midst of a nearly-impossible academic vision quest, after a school shooting at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia, and shortly before a catastrophic mountain blast that left him homeless shortly before final exams.

The reader will learn more about where Attorney Burnside came from and what events in his law school career motivated him to become a trial attorney in Appalachia.

Look to Your Left can be purchased at www.jeremyburnside.com or on Amazon. If any profits are realized, they will benefit the Appalachian School of Law Sutin Blackwell Dales Memorial Scholarship.