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Behind the Scenes Part VII: What really happens at the initial client meeting

The Contract. Well, we can’t work for free. And we also realize that the client can’t pay us directly and hourly to work on their personal injury case. That’s why we work on a contingent basis - - just like you hear on T.V. – - we don’t get paid unless you do. That is, we don’t get an attorney fee if there is no gross recovery on the case. Some potential clients think that 33 1/3 % of their settlement proceeds before filing suit and 40% after is a lot of money. I often receive calls from potential clients who opted to go it alone telling me they wish they would have signed up. There are many situations where I have seen where a potential client thought they could "save" this money, proceeded to trust the insurance adjuster, and ended up calling later - - after they ruined their respective case. Paying an attorney for your injury case is similar to paying a doctor to perform medical services in that law is a certified area that usually requires professional care. You wouldn't want to perform brain surgery on yourself - - which complexity can be comparable to a personal injury case with all the knowledge and skill that is usually required to get justice in light of Ohio's laws that favor the insurance industry.
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