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Behind the Scenes Part I: What really happens at the initial client meeting


It’s nearing the end of winter. The roads are getting better and that somehow signals to some drivers that they can be careless again. While I don’t have any statistics from any office of public safety, I can tell you that our potential client calls go up during these months. And it’s because people are not cautious, are too aggressive, or just don’t want to take that last look out of the mirror. Then someone in my community is struck and injured or burying someone they loved who was struck and killed.

When the injured person or family of the person who was killed calls my office, several things are set into motion. My office staff is trained on how to handle these potential callers - - to ensure these people not only are aware of their rights but have a path to peace of mind.

  1. Yes, you heard that right: our office is an old church. When we give directions, we tell the callers that they can’t miss us - - we are in an old church. My wife, who is a local real estate broker, and I bought an old Baptist church and converted it into a law office - - with one suite dedicated and separated out for her real estate business. In the old worship area, we have a mock courtroom for trial practice and community events. Read all about it HERE.
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