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Behind the Scenes Part X: What really happens at the initial client meeting


Leaving empowered. People who are injured often feel hopeless. Many times on any given week, I will have clients who will call or stop in who are overwhelmed and feel hopeless. They feel like they lost who they were and will never be able to be happy again. They feel like their injuries are controlling their lives or ask how the insurance company can accuse them of malingering when they are in so much pain. They ask how it is that the tort laws in Ohio can be so far in favor of big businesses that are evaluating their claim and so far against the little guy. But I reassure them that this is a bad storm - - and although I cannot promise or guarantee that the storm will never go away, I can reassure them that we are there with them and I will not let them give up. I tell all of my clients that fighting against the insurance company for their personal justice is a necessary fight and we are with them every step of the way.

Some lawyers are good at memorizing statutes or case law. others thrive when sitting at a desk or standing in front of a judge. Although I like to think my legal skills are good, I believe I am best at getting the most for my clients by empowering them - - giving them hope and reasons to want to fight - - and hope that they can weather the nasty storm many insurance companies often create for victims of negligence.

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