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Client Reviews are In: We Care.


It's no secret that we care about our clients. But don't take it from us, read our entries from our "Thumbs Up for Justice" campaign on Facebook by clicking HERE. Here are more that we have collected over the last few years:

"The insurance company was pushy and hard to work with. The Law Office of Jeremy Burnside (now Burnside Brankamp Law) wanted to make sure my health was well and I was 100%. They were polite and professional. They were also easy to work with, explained everything well and I felt very comfortable." - Tawnya

"Without the Law Office of Jeremy Burnside, I feel I would have lost. They were all good to us." - Judy

"I felt the insurance company wasn't going to work with us. It was nice having the Law Office of Jeremy Burnside on the case." – Steven

“The insurance company was very rude and upsetting. Jeremy was there for me anytime I called. If he wasn’t there, he would call me the next day. Mr. Burnside explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable.” - Shirley

"The insurance company only card about getting the case settled and were very rude! Jeremy made sure I had no more pain ad that I needed no more treatments before I settled. And he made sure I got what I deserved from the injury. Everything was explained very well and the staff made me feel welcomed!” - Leigh Ann

“I hired the Law Office of Jeremy M. Burnside to have someone knowledgeable of the laws and facts. Mr. Burnside phoned several times. He and his staff are always kind and attentive.” - Kim

“Before hiring the Law office of Jeremy Burnside, I could not get the other party’s insurance to respond. Jeremy reassured me and continually asked if everything was okay. I will recommend them to everyone I know.” -Charles

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