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Fresh Approach to Personal Injury Cases

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Attorney Jeremy BurnsideAs tort reform continues to take away our clients; rights, and as we take on more and more cases, we knew we would have to find a way to become more efficient. Aside from our #1 priority to stellar customer/client satisfaction, we sought out ways to streamline the process to resolve our clients’ cases. Here are a few things that we have implemented to attempt to get our cases resolved more efficiently:

1. We have more people looking at each file. We have a legal assistant or paralegal who does the administrative things on the files such as letters, ordering bills and records, etc... This is common in most personal injury firms. But we also have more lawyers have an opportunity to comment./strategize on each file. Every two weeks, we have staff meetings that we use to discuss various cases and statuses. We do not allow any case to “sit” and pride ourselves on active files—- meaning that we are always doing something on them. Now, sometimes, it is necessary to wait on records to come in, reevaluations, court dates, etc…, but if there is something to be done on a file, we do or best to always be working on it.

2. Each team member has a job. We are one of the few personal injury firms to figure out that you need one person to handle subrogation issues.: who knows the contacts to more efficiently resolve subrogation liens. Our lawyers all have a specific type of case that they work on. Cases that fall into the same value or type range. This important to ensure no one is doing double the work necessary.

3. Our eye is on the present, but we are prepared for a big future. With more offices, we will have better access to resources, which includes more relationships with people who can assist our clients. With more resources, we will have more ideas about how to stay on the cutting edge of case resolution. Part of planning for the future isto ensure our firm never grows “stale:.: That we are lawyers looking for new ideas and new strategies. "Thumbs up" with Burnside Brankamp Law happy client

4 Keeping Those “Thumbs Up”: This strategy rests upon our goal to get “thumbs up” on every case, despite the outcome. While we hope we will win every case we take, juries and judges are the ultimate decision makers. But a client who raises their thumbs for us is either getting justice, quenching a thirst for peace of mind, and/or feeling a part of our team. We also want those thumbs up to mean that our client does not feel like just an asset, but a friend. I tell new clients that we are a growing law firm. And smart growing law firms don’t invest in just advertising, they develop and value the relationships with the client. We see a happy client as not just a friend, but as a referral source. So, our “thumbs up” campaign is the foundation to our future. And our future rests in the thumbs of our satisfied clients and we want them to feel like a part of our success.

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