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Jeremy Burnside Named Distinguished Citizen of the Year


We are thrilled to announce that Jeremy Burnside has been named Distinguished Citizen of the Year by the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. He was officially given this honor at the 2018 Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, which recognizes outstanding service within the Portsmouth community.

Jeremy was picked largely for his initiative with the Plant Portsmouth project back in August, which set a record of 1,405 people potting plants at once. Although the event was only one day, for Jeremy, it signified the beginning of revitalized efforts to clean up downtown Portsmouth. “There’s a sense of hope I haven’t seen since I’ve been here,” he told the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Jeremy went on to say that he loved seeing the Portsmouth community coming together to do something good for their city. “The whole driving force behind Plant Portsmouth was unification and our slogan was ‘unity as we beautify’ for a reason,” he continued. “The city was working with the county which was working with the business community which was working with citizens…everyone came together to make the event what it was.”

Jeremy concluded that, “If the spirit of Plant Portsmouth is to continue then all of these parties need to work together to harbor and develop new ideas while stomping out negativity.”

For Jeremy, Plant Portsmouth was just the latest in a long list of efforts to help the Portsmouth community. As a personal injury attorney not only for Portsmouth, but for Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia at large, he has made it his life’s mission to provide specialized and compassionate legal services to those in need. At Burnside Brankamp Law, Jeremy and our entire team of skilled personal injury attorneys are here to advocate for you.

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