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Co-Counsel cases in Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky with us

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Co-Counsel: What is it and why do we do it? Our law firm works with attorneys and law firms across Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia on cases in a variety of different situations where it benefits the client to have more than one lawyer on their case. Sometimes attorneys from out-of-state call us to represent a relative that lives in one of the states we practice in. Other times, our office will seek out an attorney who concentrates on a specific issue that we feel would give us an advantage over the insurance company. For the clients, having our office “co-counsel“ essentially means that they have more than one law firm working on their case for the price of one as our firm splits the one attorney fee with the associated attorney or law firm.

For attorneys in other firms and states, we feel that our courtroom experience and compassion for the client makes us a prime candidate to co-counsel large cases with. We have a mock courtroom in our office, which is located in an old church. We have worked out dynamic co-counsel splits that accurately reflect the amount of work / value each firm brings to the table for any given client.

Law firms who are interested in benefitting from co-counselling with the Burnside Brankamp Law Team, should call the office at 740-353-2363 or email Jeremy at

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