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Attorney Katee Neltner is a True Winner

Kate Neltner

Attorney Katee NeltnerAttorney Katee Neltner has been with our firm since February and she has proven that her continuous hard work and dedication is an integral piece to our firm. As our Kentucky attorney, she works vigorously for our clients and she is passionate about bringing them the justice they deserve. That passion clearly transfers over to her love for her community in Boyd County. She gives back to her community and continues to stay active any way she can.

Katee serves as a member of the Boyd County Bar Association, the Kentucky Bar Association and the American Bar Association. She is heavily involved with the Young Lawyers Division where she oversees the initiation of programs focused on teaching high school seniors their basic legal rights once they turn 18. Katee is also working with the Young Lawyers Division to develop an informational program that will be enacted in middle schools across the Bluegrass State.

Katee went on to say, “The Young Lawyers Division visits various schools around the state of Kentucky. We also teach the middle schoolers that differences are a reason to embrace someone – not bully them.”

While Katee is active in the bar associations, she also serves as a volleyball coach for Boyd County High School. It was a very successful season for Katee and her team as they continued to show up and perform day-in and day-out. Her passion and dedication for her team truly shows as Boyd County went on to become District Champions and Region Runner-Up. Despite her team losing the Region Championship, Katee is proud of her team for all their dedication and their willingness to step up when it mattered throughout the season.

Despite the loss, Attorney Katee Neltner continues to prove she is a true winner and she continues to show her love and passion for her community and our law firm. Thank you for all you do, Katee. You are a true winner!