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Keneda Joins PSKC

The legal process can be complex and at times confusing for our clients. Serving as our paralegal, Keneda ensures our clients maneuver through this process as smoothly as possible. Keneda works diligently for our firm and when she is not in the office fighting for the Underdog, she is pushing herself at a Portsmouth CrossFit gym, PSKC.

Having been a member since August 2019, Keneda has grown to love PSKC. Whether she is swinging kettlebells or rowing, she enjoys the workouts. Although some workouts may be more intense than others, Keneda continues to find ways to power through them. She even went on to say:

“I love the people and the environment. Everyone works as a team which pushes you to finish the workout. This atmosphere makes the workout fun.”

Keneda has been with Burnside Brankamp Law since 2015 where she began as an intern and eventually worked her way up to become our paralegal. Keneda has proven to be an integral part to our firm and we are glad to have her on our team.

We appreciate all that PSKC does and how they continue to stay active in the Portsmouth community. Despite the negative media coverage Portsmouth receives, owner Dale King and PSKC continue to shift the narrative into a positive light. This determination and the willingness to make a difference is a true inspiration.

Thank you, PSKC for all you do.

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Keneda - PSKC