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Attorney Rob Johnson Rises to the Occasion

Attorney Rob Johnson

Attorney Rob Johnson had to overcome several challenging cases throughout 2020. Rob was up to the task of facing whatever obstacle that was thrown his way when it came to settling and litigating cases for our clients, which cases had faced various types of delays because of the pandemic.

One particular occasion where Rob rose to the occasion was when the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Ohio heard his argument in Dewine vs. State Farm Ins. Co., 20CA 3903 (Nov. 23, 2020). The case involved the tolling of Ohio’s 2-year statute of limitations, which Rob successfully argued is tolled for a period of time that a defendant is out of state.

In a 2-1 opinion, the Fourth District opined that time of absence of the defendant from the State of Ohio “shall not be computed as any part of a period within which the action must be brought.” Burnside Brankamp Law accepted the Dewine case after the 2-year mark had passed and was able to apply the correct case law to extend the 2-year statute of limitations so that the case could be timely filed and the client had an opportunity for justice.

Burnside Brankamp Law is proud of Rob’s work to fight for this and all Underdogs during this uncertain time in our civil justice system. With several court delays, and trial dates already pushed well into 2022, we will have to continue to adjust and adapt, but we are always up for the challenge!

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