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Virtual Mock Trials Were a Success

mock trial presenter

Saying COVID-19 changed the way our firm operates would be an understatement.

To keep our staff and clients safe, we had to adapt and implement a variety of digital services to ensure these cases are uninterrupted and that we uphold a robust standard of safety. The various standards and protocols that we follow closely from the health departments in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, also apply to our mock trials.

In the past, we hosted several mock trials inside our Portsmouth office to allow our attorneys to see how a jury would react to their arguments and the opportunity to adjust their strategy. These mock trials are often real cases set for trial where the participants get a ‘live-action’ view of our justice system. However, our most recent mock trial was done a little differently due to the pandemic.

On Wednesday, January 20th, our attorneys Katee Neltner and Michael Walker held a series of virtual focus groups on a real case set for trial. To preserve the immersion, we placed the camera inside our Portsmouth office courtroom just in front of the jury box. Our goal was to make the participants feel as if they were seated in the jury box while they heard the arguments. After the attorneys presented their cases, the participants then engaged in deliberations.

Although the focus groups were virtual and despite the technological barrier, our attorneys walked away with valuable insight that will assist them with their overall strategy. Each participant provided unique feedback and we are grateful for the outcome of these virtual focus groups. We look forward to future focus groups, whether they are in-person or virtual.

Although the pandemic is shaping our operations, we are still adapting while continuing to uphold our standard of safety. This is just another way that Burnside Brankamp Law fights for the Underdog, to win like the favorite.

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mock trial presenter

mock trial presenter

mock trial presenter