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Law Enforcement Injured or Killed by Guns

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Our law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to protect us and keep our homes and towns safe. When an officer is injured in a shooting, they and their family members deserve to receive the same care and attention that anyone else would when it comes to their gun-related injury case. At Burnside Law, LLC, we’re dedicated to assisting officers and their families with their injury or wrongful death cases.

How We Approach Instances of Gun Violence Against Law Enforcement

Our experienced attorneys know that there are a number of serious considerations in any shooting involving law enforcement. Whether it was simple negligent gun ownership or a malicious act, you can trust that our team will get to the bottom of it. We will carefully investigate the event and find out what the best course of action may be in resolving the issue.

We will look into:

  • Where the gun came from. Was it registered to the defendant? Are there any police reports involving the weapon? Was the weapon a department-owned firearm? In some cases, guns get into the hands of dangerous people due to the negligence of retailers and other important gatekeepers.
  • The circumstances of how the officer was shot. Were they on duty at the time? Was this a routine training accident, the result of negligent handling, or a criminal act?
  • Any parties who could be civilly liable for your injuries or the death of an officer. Was negligent gun ownership to blame? Could proper departmental policies or training have prevented this? Were there any criminal records, departmental disciplinary actions, or other record that should have prevented the individual responsible from possessing or handling a weapon?
  • Whether there is any potential civil liability for the injury of death of the law officer. It is likely that a criminal trial will follow an officer’s shooting, but is there any civil liability to help pay medical expenses and pain and suffering? Our attorneys can help provide answer to the important questions.

By performing a thorough investigation into whether or not negligence played a role in you or your loved one’s injury or death, our legal team will be able to bolster your insurance claim and improve your chances of receiving the compensation you need. We can also help ensure insurance providers give your claim fair consideration and don’t give you the run-around or avoid providing you with the funds you need to make up for a serious injury or loss of life.

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Burnside Law, LLC is dedicated to protecting injured victims of shootings, even (and especially) those who willingly step into the line of fire to protect others. Our zealous team is ready to tackle your gun-related injury case, no matter how complex. Our Portsmouth attorneys have the resources to thoroughly investigate your injury and bring you justice. We have a passion for gun violence insurance claims, and are ready to fight for your case. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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