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Disc Herniation Lawyers in Portsmouth

We Take Your Injuries Seriously

If you or a loved one suffers from a disc herniation from the negligence of someone else, you will likely need a Portsmouth disc herniation lawyer to fight for full compensation for your injuries. Our firm treats all disc herniation cases as serious injury cases.

While, theoretically, some very small disc herniations can extrude (as opposed to protrude), they are still large disturbances to the spinal structure of which the following remain true:

  • Disk herniation causes pain and suffering
  • Disk herniation is usually permanent and life-long
  • Disk herniation causes family disturbances in the lives of the victims (loss of consortium)

When our office assists clients in these important cases, there are just a few things for the client to consider with these cases.

Importance of Proper Diagnosis in a Disk Herniation Case

In order for us to prove that your disc herniation is related to your case, you would need to have this diagnosed by a medical doctor. In Ohio, it is important that the permanent effect of a disc herniation be opined by a licensed and qualified medical doctor. A chiropractor is generally not permitted to testify as to permanency. In our experience in the courtroom, an MRI image of the injury, by contrast, is the most effective.

An MRI film is read by a radiologist. Remember: not all radiologists will see the same thing from the same film. We’ve seen some radiologists classify a disc herniation as a disc “bulge,” a diagnosis that we have a hard time believing could be caused by trauma, such as the trauma related to the typical whiplash mechanism of injury.

An attorney can refer your MRI film to an expert for a second opinion relating to the classification of your disc injury. Sometimes this second opinion can be the difference in proving a permanent injury and not. To your lawyer, being able to show the film to a jury, with a doctor's explanation of the damage, can be the difference between proving your disc herniation or not.

Contact our firm at (888) 724-9319 to find out how our Portsmouth disc herniation attorneys can help you with your case.

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