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Gun Accident Lawyers in Portsmouth, OH

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Gun accidents do not “just happen.” There is always a reason why a firearm discharges unexpectedly and hurts someone. As it is often implied, guns do not hurt people, people do.

If you were seriously injured or a loved one was killed in a gun accident in Kentucky, Ohio, or West Virginia, it is time to start thinking about how Burnside Law, LLC and our personal injury lawyers can help you file a claim. Our passionate team of injury law professionals will dig deep to determine liability in gun accidents through a thorough analysis of the evidence at hand. Our goal is your total satisfaction with our services, including a securement of a maximized settlement or verdict.

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How Gun Accidents Happen

The root of the gun accident that caused your harm is someone’s negligence. Knowing how they acted negligently is crucial to establish your claim as valid before the eyes of the court or an insurance company. Let our Portsmouth gun negligence attorneys use their extensive experience to prove negligence occurred and how.

Gun accidents often happen due to:

  • Negligent training: People who want to handle and discharge a firearm first need ample training to know what to do and what not to do. Without getting firearm training, anyone holding a loaded weapon has a high chance of causing an accident and should be held liable for their negligence.
  • Negligent handling: Every firearm needs to be treated as if it is loaded and capable of discharging a round at all times. Many gun accidents occur when people forget this rule and negligent handle a firearm, such as passing it back and forth, try target practice on an unofficial range, or just do not engage the safety when not in use.
  • Negligent storage: Gun owners are constantly reminded to store their firearms with utmost care, including unloading all ammunition, putting in a muzzle stop, and locking the entire weapon in a heavy case. Failing to store a gun properly can cause it to be discharged while in transit or while being taken out of storage.
  • Impaired operation: Firearms should never be used by someone who is intoxicated by alcohol or impaired in any other way, such as due to drug use or a mental incapacity. Someone who uses a gun while impaired for any reason may be entirely accountable for any gun accidents they cause.

When a Gun Manufacturer Causes a Gun Accident

Sometimes a gun owner uses full precautions while handling their firearms and they still get hurt. If a defect can be found in the construction of the firearm, then the manufacturer might be liable for damages. Be sure to keep any packaging and instructions that come with your firearms, ammunition, and gun-related accessories, like a carrying case or holster. Such information can be key evidence for a future gun accident claim.

Portsmouth Injury Lawyers Fighting for Fair Compensation

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