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Burnside Brankamp Law Honors Our Veterans


November, 11th is a day we remember our Veterans. Originating at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month during the conclusion of World War I, this Army Patchday is dedicated to honoring the many brave men and women who sacrificed for our freedoms. Today is a day we remember these brave men and women.

You may not know that one member of our staff is a Veteran and served from November 1988 until December 1991. Paul Cutlip served in the Army in the 24th Mechanized Infantry and was involved with Desert Storm/Shield. As a Legal Assistant, Paul works closely with our attorneys on a variety of cases.

Paul attended Ashland Technical and Community College where he received his Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. His science background has proven to be a continued asset to our firm. During his free time, Paul enjoys riding his motorcycle and restoring classic cars. He also frequents his cabin in West Virginia.

We appreciate Paul and all he does for our firm. His bravery and willingness to serve is a true inspiration – thank you for your service Paul, we are grateful to have you with us.

To all Veterans and those that are currently serving, thank you for the sacrifices you made and continue to make on our behalf. We appreciate all that you do. 

Veteran Photo Veterans Day 2019