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Behind the Scenes Part IIX: What really happens at the initial client meeting

Formulating a Plan. If we decide to take your case, you will leave our office with a huge weight lifted from your shoulders and you will leave with a plan. If you are getting medical treatment, we will talk to you about medical billing, when to use your health insurance card, a nasty word called “subrogation” and the importance of telling your doctors everything that is bothering you. It is important that you don’t see the doctors and not play “tough guy”, as that can come back to bite you later on in the process. We will use what you tell us relating to your medical treatment to formulate a case plan and we will discuss the first few stages of your personal injury case with you. Then it’s up to you to get better - - or at least do everything you can to try. And we will know if you’re slacking and may even push you a little to try harder.
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