Fuel for Frontline Workers

Fuel for Frontline Workers

During these times of uncertainty, frontline workers are stepping up as they continue to keep us safe. To show our gratitude, Burnside Law partnered with Affiliated Financial Group, a growing financial firm in the Portsmouth area, to fill the gas tanks of our local frontline workers.

While contributing to majority of the $5,100 in total fuel costs, our Ohio office assisted with filling the tanks of over 300 cars. Even attorney Jeremy Burnside himself was operating one of the fuel pumps.

With relation to the success of the event, attorney Jeremy Burnside said, “We have already been appreciative of healthcare workers and first responders who save and treat our personal injury clients in our community. In this time of uncertainty, when these workers are placed at a higher risk than the rest of us, it is an honor for us to be able to give them a little fuel so that they can keep doing their important jobs.”

From Nursing home aides to law enforcement officers to hospital cleaning staff, a diverse group of frontline workers waited in a line that stretched all the way around the block. One of those frontline workers, Holly Gail, said, “Portsmouth's finest were on the Scioto Trail. These were our frontline workers - from hospital staff to fire fighters to all the crew on the ground serving our community. Burnside Law showed up in a big way and proved again that our collective effort is strong in the comeback city.”

Burnside Law prides itself on its several yearly diverse community initiatives. Over the years, our dedicated staff strives to go above the call of duty for our community at least once a quarter. From spreading mulch on downtown streets, to giving blessing bags to our veterans, to most recently pumping gas for frontline workers, our staff volunteers over a hundred combined hours a year away from our law offices and families in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia to give back.

In these uncertain times, it was an honor for our team to pump some fuel for our frontline workers. They are sacrificing time from their families and taking extra precautions while selflessly putting themselves in harm’s way. The 2020 Fuel for Frontline Workers event was our Underdog legal team’s way of saying, “Thank You.”

We would like to also thank Affiliated Financial Group for coming up with the idea, Marathon Gas Station for the use of their facilities and we are especially appreciative to the Portsmouth Police Department as they directed traffic to ensure the event ran as smoothly as possible.

To all frontline workers working tirelessly to keep us safe, we thank you.

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